CSW 2022: Pornography and the Politics of Legal Challenges


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Exploitation of women’s bodies in pornography is part of men’s violence against women.

How can we effectively confront this powerful industry to stop the harmful effects of pornography? What can be done to tackle the legal challenges? In #MeToo-era, this session addresses the timely release of Pornography: The Politics of Legal Challenges (Oxford University Press, 2021) by Dr. Max Waltman (Stockholm University). It offers a cutting-edge, cross-disciplinary analysis of how the explosive spread of pornography contributes to violence against women, including prostitution, demonstrating the need for civil rights, not criminal laws, to empower those subordinated while dismantling the sex industry with adequate precision, consistent with free speech guarantees.

At CSW 2022, we are bringing together researchers, NGOs, and relevant authorities to develop strategies and concrete measures to address the harms of pornography. The session will include lawyers, activists, organizers, and scholars who critically assess the author’s findings while discussing how to galvanize the public to legal action locally, nationally, and internationally.

Dr. Max Waltman (SWE) –PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Stockholm University (Author of Pornography: The Politics of Legal Challenges. New York: Oxford University Press, 2021), Olga Persson (SWE) – President, Unizon, Kathleen E. Mahoney (CAN) - Professor Emerita of Law, University of Calgary, Norma Ramos (USA) – Special Advisor on Human Trafficking, in New York State, Chris Stark (USA) – Teaching at Central Lakes College, Inaugural Visiting Research Fellow at Villanova Law's Institute to Address Commercial Sexual Exploitation. (MFA & MSW), Dr Esohe Aghatise (ITA) - Executive Director of Associazione Iroko Onlus, International, Natasha Falle (CAN) - Managing Director of SexTrade 101.

Moderator: Cornelia Björkquist (SWE) – Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Crime Expert, Unizon.

Date: March 18th
Time: 17:00 – 18:30 (New York time: 12:00 PM EST)
Registration: https://www.mkavlive.com/csw18march-registration 
Also available live at Unizons Facebook.
The event is organized by Unizon and Sveriges Kvinnolobby.