Stop Sexualised Exploitation Webinar


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Welcome to the webinar: Supporting women in prostitution within the framework of the Nordic model: Breaking myths and examples of practical work in Sweden.

Quite often when talking about the Nordic Model the main focus of the discussion is put on the criminalisation of the buyer/perpetrator. Help and support provided to exploited women is less discussed, and there are multiple myths about the legislation’s impact on women in the prostitution and pornography industry.

Welcome to a webinar where Unizon’s member organisations will share their experiences of practical work with exploited women and girls within the existing legal framework and discuss how the Swedish sex purchase act sets out an essential foundation for strengthening the survivors by putting the responsibility for the crime where it belongs – on the buyer. They will also talk about how all these experiences and knowledges can be used for the work with violence prevention.

Organised by: Unizon

When: June 2 at 16.00-17.30 CET/UTC+02

Zandra Kanakaris – Secretary General,
1000 möjligheter, Foundation 1000 Opportunities, that runs the Ellencenter (Sweden)
Ulrika Persson – Founder & Chairwoman, Alltid Sedd (Sweden)
Kajsa Rietz – Head of Preventive Work, Novahuset (Sweden)

Cornelia Björkquist – Sexual Exploitation & Sexual Crime Expert, Unizon (Sweden)

The webinar is held in English.

Week of Visibility of Sexualised Exploitation, #StopSE
This webinar is a part of the Week of Visibility of Sexualised Exploitation, #StopSE, organised and held on May 31-June 4, 2021 by five member organisations of MenEngage Global Alliance – Men for Gender Equality – MÄN (Sweden), Unizon (Sweden), Crisis Centre for Women in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Men’s Development Network (Ireland) and Gender Violence Institute (Minnesota, USA).

About Unizon
Unizon represents over 130 Swedish women’s shelters, young women’s empowerment centres and other support services which work together for a gender equal society free from violence.