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07:e apr 2022

Unizons shelters are here for you when you need support. Chat, call or visit us. We are located all over Sweden.


Hereöd you can find contact information to women's shelters and young women empowerment centres and youth supportcenters around the country. The shelters and support centers offer services via chat, e-mail, telephone and IRL. Support does not cost anything and you don’t have to say who you are. The shelters listen and believe you. You are not alone! To find support go toöd

General advice:

If the situation is urgent - call the police on 112

To report a crime that is not urgent or ongoing – call the police on 114 14

Kvinnofridslinjen - a national telephone helpline is open 24 hours a day - telephone 020 50 50 50 The call is free and you can remain anonymous.

Other links:

The Swedish Migration Agency:

The Gender Equality Authority:

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