Week of Visibility of Sexualised Exploitation


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May 31-June 4, 2021 - join our series of webinars and panel discussions with some of the main experts in the field!

The so-called “sex industry” has many different faces: from prostitution to pornography, from striptease to webcamming, from “sugar daddy dating” to OnlyFans and “sex blogs”, and the ways women and girls are being recruited and exploited in the industry keep on multiplying.

The devastating consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it easier to lure women and girls into the so-called sex industry, and the multiple reports from NGOs and authorities as well as survivors’ testimonies show that men’s demand for women’s bodies is growing. At the same time, space for actors providing social protection to persons exploited in the sex industry, mostly women and girls, and combating all forms of sexualised exploitation is constantly shrinking.

The Week of Visibility of Sexualised Exploitation, #StopSE is an initiative taken by five member organisations of MenEngage Global Alliance: MÄN – Men for Gender Equality (Sweden), Unizon (Sweden), Crisis Centre for Women in Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Men’s Development Network (Ireland) and Gender Violence Institute (Minnesota, USA). During the week we will lift the issue of sexualised explotations, talk about its causes and consequences, discuss men’s accountability and engagement in combating SE, share experiences and best practices of its prevention as well as support for survivors.

Over the course of the #StopSE-week, between May 31 and June 4, we will organise a series of webinars and panel discussions with some of the main experts in the field bringing together survivors, specialised women’s support services, organisations working with men and boys as well as researchers.

Join us to learn more, make sexualised exploitation visible and stop men’s violence!


Join Unizon and our member organisations in the webinar: "Supporting women in prostitution within the framework of the Nordic model: Breaking myths and examples of practical work in Sweden."

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